Since From very humble beginnings, as a self-funded school by a dedicated group of families and professionals, Sweet Bay Magnolia Academy at the McArdle Center uniquely educates children with special needs. Our dedicated team of educators, ABA, Speech and Occupational Therapists delivers a truly individualized curriculum, in a class size of 5 or less per grade, for your child to reach their full potential. We measure our success by your child's happiness and achievements. As a parent when you hear "nothing can be done to help your child", turn to Sweet Bay Magnolia Academy for: 

  • Specialist who can quickly build a relationship with your child, understand their needs from A to Z and work as a single cohesive team to better your child's academic life
  • A stress free environment where your child will be able to focus, truly enjoy learning and love  to come to school
  • Sensory friendly atmosphere enabling your child to feel safe and secure to open up their possibilities
  • Build confidence for your child to raise beyond their current expectations  and expand their educational horizon
  • A school where you will spontaneously hear children laughing, learning and growing- like nowhere else

Located on Kent Island, serving the Eastern and Western shoes of Maryland, come visit Sweet Bay Magnolia Academy for a glimpse of how your child's life will change forever.

After 7 years of fighting public schools to try to get my son the help that he desperately needed, we are so very grateful to have found this school. I am now excited for my son’s future, and it looks brighter! A huge thank you behind the Sweet Bay Magnolia and McArdle Center vision!!!!
— Ashley Hildebrand